Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Perfect wife to black dick slut

. Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chris and I had just flown back from Rome, a trip I'd arranged so we'd be back in the UK on 15th April, which was our 10th anniversary and Chris's 35th birthday. The plan was to dine at the same restaurant that I'd proposed to her exactly 11 years previously, am I a romantic at heart? The flight landed at Stanstead so I was driving up the M1/M6 heading back to the North West on this happiest of days. Being a Saturday I'd decided not to take the toll road but just my luck, there was a heavy traffic jam around Birmingham. I was desperately in need of a break and soon after we’d crawled through the snarl up I pulled into a motorway service station and made dignified dash to the gents.

I'm standing there, cock in hand, staring at a poster six inches from my nose showing a pretty girl in a bikini catching a beach ball, the poster was for car insurance and I tried to figure the relevance as I emptied my bladder. The flood of relief was just ebbing away when a guy rushed up besides me, shuffled about a bit and then let out a long sigh "phew" he said "that traffic is terrible, just made it".

I glanced over and saw that he was pointing around six or seven inches of thick black dick at the porcelain, even flaccid it was significantly longer than mine is when I'm fully erect and at least twice as thick. It was circumcised and the dark purple tip was in itself longer than my whole flaccid cock. I have to admit to being just a little envious. Becoming conscious and then embarrassed that I was staring I looked back at the poster in front of me and said, "Will your make one for me in white". The guy chuckled.

I began fantasising about Chris being fucked by that dick and imagining her expression as that beautiful purple tip eased between her pussy lips, parting the way for the rest of that enormous dick to slide into her. I became aware that my own puny penis was beginning to grow. I shook off the last drops, zipped up and turned to the wash basins.

I waited for Chris and as she came out of the ladies room I noticed the same guy heading our way. Neat, close cropped hair, about 6 feet tall with broad shoulders and a slim waist, white shirt and quiet blue tie, his expensive looking suit fitted him well and his shoes were well polished. Chris had spotted me and began to move my way passing directly in front of him. There was a collision, they grabbed for each others arms and apologised at the same time, then as if on que they each asked if the other was ok, they both laughed together and I saw a spark of desire as the strangers' eyes scanned Chris.

He was in front of us in the queue as we waited to pay for our coffee, Chris was close behind him and she suddenly backed up as though becoming intimately aware of his presence, she have me a guilty glance. My mind was working overtime, I'd often fantasised about Chris taking another man, that's why the fantasy popped readily into my head in the toilets. I wondered it I could make it happen.

I guided Chris to the next table to him. We sat with Chris facing him and me with my back to him. I was as nervous as a first time lover as I told Chris what I'd noticed in the toilets. She looked at me for a few seconds then brazenly weighed him up, her face cracked into a beaming smile. She sounded like a star struck teenager as she said, "He smiled at me…" then she continued "hmm… it could be interesting to try a big one… I'd love to know what it's like… maybe I could go a round with him". I knew she was teasing me, even though that was exactly what I dreamed she would say I was stunned. Chris had never before spoken of another guy like that and as far as I am aware she has never seriously looked at another guy since well before we were married. She kept glancing at him and smiling then she whispered to me, "When I bumped into him it was like electricity shooting through me. In the queue I was right behind him, he smells so… I don't know… so… so manly… so erotic, it turned me on so much I was starting to get a little moist, my imagination went wild, for a second or two back there I was having the most wonderful sex with him and after what you just told me, well…." She said in a louder voice "Oh Paul, shut your mouth, you'll catch a fly."

The thought of Chris being fucked by that huge dick had my mind was racing. 'She's really going for it, mines so small and she deserves the pleasure a big dick would give her. Do I have the courage to ask her? How could I possibly arrange it? For fucks sake Paul, just ask…' "Chris! Would you really?"

"Certainly not" my heart dived as she went on "unless you wanted me to, if it's ok with you I probably would, he's very sexy, he really turns me on and what a presence he has. I was getting wet just standing behind him in the queue. Would you really like me to have sex with another man… with him?"

"You know I only want the best for you, to see you happy is what drives me. If it's something you wanted to do then I'm with you all the way, it'd be a dream come true for me and I'd really love you to try".

"Are you sure?" she asked.

I smiled and touched her hand "Chris love, I've fantasised about you and another man for a long time, just thinking about you and him making love has me rock hard, I'd love it if you could make that fantasy come true".

She smiled and said "Anyway it's hypothetical unless one of us asks him… It could be another anniversary present… Will you ask him…? Please".

My mind began to race 'Oh shit, she's really serious. Could I ask another guy to fuck my wife? Could I really stand the thought of another guy actually fucking her? Especially with a monster dick like his, of course I could, I've just said so, a dream come true and I love her so much and she deserves it'. My heart was thumping, my penis was rock hard at the idea of that huge dick penetrating my wife and just as I'd psyched myself up to turn round to ask if he'd like to join us he stood up and left. I could see disappointment on my beloved wife's face.

After a few minutes of silence I said we should be going. When we got outside Chris spotted him coming through the entrance doors. She nudged me and said "Please Paul quickly". So on our 10th anniversary I found my self walking up to a total stranger with my heart thumping in my chest, my throat rigid as if afraid to speak, my dick throbbing so much I was close to shooting a load in my pants. I rather pathetically asked the dreaded yet exhilarating question "Err... Ex. ex excuse me, would you like to err… f-f-fuck my wife?"

The guy looked at me like I was crazy, he turned to walk away and Chris reached out and put a hand on his wrist, he stopped and stared Chris in the eye. There was a few seconds when the world stopped and then he broke into a cheeky smile, his eyes sparkling. Chris shocked me yet again by lunging at him, throwing an arm around his neck and kissed him on the lips.

Chris always looks good to me but at that moment with her body pressing hungrily against a complete stranger she looked absolutely stunning. The fact that he was a handsome, black stranger that I knew was enormously endowed made the situation highly erotic. I remembered again just how lucky I was to be married to her. She's a trim five feet eight inches with flawless pale golden skin. With her high heeled shoes her legs take the long slender shape of a lingerie model. She knows I think her legs are great so she always wears shoes and a dress or skirt to show them off. Today she wore Faith ankle strap shoes with four inch heels, a black Gucci mid thigh and figure hugging dress that I had bought her in Rome, it showed her legs to perfection, accentuated her slim hips, firm ass, slender waist, flat stomach and full, firm breasts. A face so pretty, rosebud mouth, high cheek bones, slightly turned up, tiny nose and big blue eyes all topped off with straight, long blond hair. Unusually for Chris she'd spent some time this morning applying a little makeup to eyes and lips 'to look nice for the trip home', no wonder the guys eyes were sparking.

When the kiss broke Chris said to the bewildered black man, "That's just to show you I'm serious, it's our anniversary today and my husband dreams that I should be bedded by another man. I think it's a great idea and you'll make it just perfect, how would you feel about taking me to bed right now?"

He looked at Chris and desire flooded his eyes again, Chris nodded to him, he looked at me. "I hope this is not a wind up" he said. "No, honestly it's what she w.. w. what we both want" and Chris said "Right here and now… if it's okay with you". She pointed back to the restaurant area "There a hotel across the bridge", he nodded. She turned to me and said "Paul, give me your card, this is your fantasy so you can't expect me to pay for a room" so I dutifully handed Chris my cash card and watched them pass through the door to cross the foot bridge.

I climbed into the Lexus, I was trembling all over, my heart was racing, my mind was in a daze, and my dick was so hard and throbbing that it hurt. I tried to turn the CD on but my fingers were shaking so much that I just couldn't mange to control the display.

My mind ran in circles 'She's going to be fucked by a monster black dick - I hope he's gentle with her - I hope she's not disappointed – She can't be, she'll love it - Will she ever be happy with me again? - My darling wife is taking a giant black dick - She's being fucked by a bigger dick than she ever took before - She's being opened up like she has never been opened before - I hope he doesn't hurt her - She's taking a dick deeper than she ever took a dick before - I hope she's OK - What will she think of my miniscule penis now - Will she ever feel me inside her again - She's not on the pill, we've been trying for a baby for seven months, shit I hope he has a condom' - 'What have I done?' and back to the beginning in never ending circles.

Eventually I calmed down enough to drive the car around to the other side and parked so I could see the motel and waited, and waited, and waited, my cock rock hard and dribbling cum into my pants.

It had been more than an hour since I'd seen my wife walk away with a black stranger when a movement caught my eye. I saw Chris through a second floor window, her dress pulled down to expose her breasts and up so that it ended just above her pubic mound. She leant forward and placed her hands on the sill, she spotted me in the car and waved, then she jerked, looked behind her and then back to me. All that I could see clearly was her head and shoulders which were jerking rhythmically, her long hair and breasts swinging back and forth and in the shadows behind her I could just make out the dark outline the stranger fucking her hard.

I couldn't see the expression on her face but it was obvious when she came, she tensed, her arms locked straight and she threw her head back then she arched back standing up into the window. Whereas the guy fucking her was just a shadowy outline Chris's golden flesh could easily be seen, she was rigid with orgasm. A black hand covered her mound and vigorously rubbed her clitoris, another black hand covered one of her breast. She tensed up even more and I even saw her mouth open as some sound of passion escaped her.

After what seemed like an eternity of watching some other guy making my wife orgasm but was in actual time probably less than a minute she leaned forward again to take up her original position and the fucking went on. I got out of the car. I was trembling all over as I watched the scene. I heard a "wow" behind me and I glanced around. There was an elderly man walking towards me and looking up at the motel, he looked at me with a big beaming smile on his face and said "Now there something you don't see every day eh!"

Oh shit this guy is watching Chris being fucked, I turned back to watch. He walked up beside me. "Look" he said,” she's cumming again, that guys a lucky bastard, wish it was me there shafting her like that eh…. She's fucking gorgeous, just look at that, she's really hot for that big black cock he's giving her". What do you say in conversation when your 'gorgeous' wife is being fucked rigid by a strangers 'big black cock'.

Now she was stretched, arms in the air, pushing at the top of the window frame with her legs spread. I (we) could actually see that enormous dick thrusting into her. He had his hands gripping her around the waist and slid her up and down his shaft. As he lifted her up I could see her pussy lips being pulled as they clung to the thick shaft as she slid up it. The vaginal juices and semen on his shaft caught the light and glistened. 'Oh shit he's not wearing a condom, must be a trick of the light, Chris wouldn't be that stupid, - would she?' and I tried desperately to work out the timing of her cycle.

As I've already said, we're trying for a baby. The start of the trip to Rome coincided with her most fertile time so she should begin a period in a few days unless we'd got lucky in Rome. I breathed a sigh of relief but then began worrying about STIs. I know very little about them, what would chlamidiya or ghonoreha for example do to a recently conceived child? Or worse… what about HIV AIDS?

The guy continued chatting to me but I really could not think of anything to say, well I could think of lots to say, all of it about that being my wife and the guy fucking her is a total stranger and his dick is really huge and he's not using a condom and I hope he's not got anything nasty to give her. But I really did not feel I could express all that to a stranger so I stayed silent.

The third time she came it looked like her stud came at the same time. Again Chris was pushed against the window but this time the guy stopped with his dick buried full length into her, lifting her up and pressing her hard against the glass. They were together like a statue for a minute or two then Chris turned her head and it looked like she kissed him. That's what she does with me when we make love, when it's over she always kisses me tenderly. After a long and deep kiss the guy lifted her off his dick, it still looked to be fully erect. She turned to me and waved then blew a kiss before dropping to her knees in front of him. I couldn't see for sure, her head blocked the view but it looked like she'd taken him in her mouth and was sucking vigorously on his dick. That upset me more than anything, she always told me that she didn't like taking it in her mouth and she’d just dropped to her knees for this guy.

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Ms. Spears awakened from her deep sleep in her hotel room. Her skin has been covered with dried cum and as she opened her eyes, she glanced over to the clock and sees that it is 3:00 AM. She then glances over at her naked lover, Justin Timberlake, sprawled out in a deep sleep beside her. Their sticky love juices still dampened the bed sheets and this entire site brings a devious smile to the teen pop star's pretty face.

She enjoyed the sex with the hot Justin Timberlake. She even lied about it being her first time to make it come quicker. Hell Justin probably lied to her too, she thought. She didn't care. All that she knew, as she watched his hot, cute, tight sleeping body, is that she wanted more. She felt her pussy begin to get wet from the simple sight of Justin's now limp penis, and the hairy bush of pubes at it's base. She needed more hot sex. And although sex with Justin was incredible, she felt something deep with in her desires that she wanted more then just Timberlake's hot body. She wanted not one hot teen pop star body to have to suck and fuck, she wanted five! Joey, Lance, J.C, Chris! She moaned just thinking about what sex with all of them at once would be like.

And with that thought in her now aroused mind, she had to have it. She needed to put a small plan into works. All that she needed to do was get Justin in the right mood, and he wouldn't be able to refuse what she wanted. She quietly moved her perfect naked body over to Justin and brought her mouth down to the musky smell of his cock. Still giving the sent of their love making from hours before. Ms. Spears opened her sexy mouth and took Justin's cock into one of her hands, stuffing it; in it's entire dilapidated state, into her mouth. She began her skilled sucking, as she stroked his growing member, as he still slept. As it grew harder Justin began to moan in his sleep. Britney began picking up the pace of her blow job. Britney bobbed her head up and down as she slurped Timberlake's fully grown purple headed soldier into her mouth and sucked it good. Then Justin began to stir. Britney didn't bother to stop mouth fucking him as he woke up and looked down, giving a boyish smile to Britney, who's mouth was still wrapped around his dick.

"Well good mourning beautiful!" Justin stated. Britney didn't answer with words. Instead she swirled her tongue over the head of Justin's cock, causing him to throw his head back and moan loudly. "That’s a girl! You know how to make me cum!" Britney worked her magic for a little longer until Justin began panting hard. "Oh take it all down your throat bitch! I'm cumming!" He badmouthed her in complete ecstasy. Then with a popping sound she pulled her mouth off of his fat hog. He looked devastated!

"Come on I got to cum Brit!" He pleaded! "First I need to ask you something...." She innocently replied. "What!? Anything! Just make me shoot my load!" He demanded!

"Alright then. I was thinking how awesome it would be if I got to fuck not just you, but all of N Sync at one time! It would feel so good Justin! Can we!?" She asked sweetly. "Alright alright, whatever! Just finish me off!"

With that Britney smiled wickedly and then engulfed Justin's entire penis down her throat! She pumped her head up and down quickly, until she felt him tighten and shutter, as he groaned, and a hard stream of hot juice shot back into her throat. Stream after jet stream came from Justin's piss hole right down Britney's waiting throat. She gulped it all down, and smiled again at the thought that she would now have all 5 Hot N Sync Members to her own!


Justin and Britney arrived at the hotel that N Sync was staying at for their next big show and Britney eagerly followed Justin to the Room, as they came in, they found J.C, Lance, Chris, and Joey sitting on a large sofa watching a large screen TV. They came in and without a word, sat down on a couch beside the rest of N Sync.

"Oh hey there Brit!" Chris greeted her in his goofy voice. The rest of the N Sync Member's followed in their greeting and then went back to watching the television. Then Justin and Britney's plan was put into motion. Britney quietly removed her shirt, and had no bra under it. She then slipped off her shorts and panties, and watched as Justin removed his shirt and pants. They began rubbing their hot naked bodies together as their hand's explored each other and their tongues danced in their mouths. Joey noticed first.

"Holy shit! Thanks for the warning you two!!!" Joey said in surprise, as the other 3 members turned to see as well. Instead of leaving in disgust shock, they all stared at their entangled nude bodies, bumping and grinding each other. Britney pulled her lips from Justin's and glanced over at the awestruck N Syncer's

"Why don't you guys take off those clothes and join us!" Without a word said by them, Britney's plan worked as she thought! J.C, Joey, Lance, and Chris stood up and pulled every stitch of clothes from their bodies. J.C was the most muscular of the four, his now hard cock measured a thick 6 inches. Joey, had the hairiest body, and his cock was a very thick hog indeed, and was at least 6 and a half. Lance had a boyishly hairless body, but he did have a nice 7-inch dick and some nice pecks. Chris, had a long thin 8 incher. Britney's eyes grew wide with sexual arousal as she stared at 4 beautiful bodies, and had one currently grinding against her.

With no words said Justin climbed off Britney and moved down to her very went dripped pussy. His mouth buried deep into her hair and began slurping and licking up the juices. Britney moaned in delight as her hand moved down to rub her swollen clit. Lance and J.C Moved over to Britney, Lance took position on the couch above her head, aiming his cock right for her mouth, where she took it in until his pubs touched her upper lip and his balls slapped her chin as she let him fuck her mouth hard. Then J.C was straddling her waist, sticking his thick 6 incher right in-between her perfect C cup breasts. She used her hands to squeeze them together letting J.C rub her hard nipples with his exploring hands as he tit fucked her hard, jutting his hips in and out , his penis sliding from between her nice tits.

Joey and Chris stood back and began masturbating furiously to the sight of their band members fucking the hot Britney Spears. Arousal got the best of the two, and Chris and Joey began jacking each other off now, giving them more pleasure at the forbidden act of sexually pleasing a fellow band member!

Britney began to pant as Justin's tongue fucking to her cunt began to get faster and harder. "That's right Timberlake! You lick my cunt!" She demanded in deep passion. This fueled Lance to jam his cock back down her throat and fuck her mouth harder. She took it all like a pro as J.C's tit fuck began to grow faster as well.

Meanwhile, Joey and Chris got into a 69 position on the floor and began to orally please each other, deep throating their large cocks! Seeing this made Britney go over the edge and she quickly came! Flushing her cunt juices all over Justin as she screamed in ecstasy. This drove J.C wild, and he suddenly let a load of hot cum shoot out all over Britney's tits and stomach. He groaned in satisfaction rolling off of Britney

"Fuck my pussy and ass!" She demanded! Lance took her up on her offer and he and Justin rolled her onto her side. Lance inserted his throbbing cock between her pussy lips and plunged deep into her wetness. Britney yelled in excitement. and then yelped in surprise as Justin's cock came in through the back door. He pushed with all his strength, slowly pushing his entire engorged penis into her tight asshole. The pain turned to pleasure as she realized she was now being fucked her in both holes by Justin Timberlake and Lance Bass.

Joey and Chris's 69 session began to heat up and to avoid cumming already they pulled away and noticed Britney was screaming loudly as Lance and Justin were pumping their hips hard in both holes. Chris and Joey jumped up onto the couch and threw their aching cocks in Brit's face, where she took them both into her mouth at the same time. Twirling her tongue around them and sucking both Chris and Joey off. As she began to shake violently from faster fucking by Justin and Lance Chris and Joey could not control themselves and they let their man juice erupt in Ms. Spear's mouth! She swallowed it all down and Chris and Joey rolled off of her in satisfaction as they panted hard.

Britney then began to buck her hips wildly as the fucking grew too intense and she came again and again, in strong waves! Almost causing a blackout! As she trembled through a giant orgasm Justin and Lance could no longer hold out. "Oh shit I'm gonna cum up her ass!!" Justin announced! "I'm shooting it in her pussy!" Lance exclaimed as they both released at the same time, causing a triple orgasm and causing the couch to shake. They all screamed in unison, and then fell silent in a wet sticky Teen Pop sensation heap. Britney realized, as her body oozed with N Sync's cum, that she had just fucked the five hottest Men in America...

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Britney Spears & Justin Timberlakes First Time


Britney Spears sat in her hotel room near by to the arena that she was set to perform in the next day. She was watching some television waiting for him to show up. This would be the night, she thought. The night we finally do it! Of course, she was talking about her Teen heart throb boyfriend, Mr. Justin Timberlake, who had told her he would be in town and would stop by her room to stay the night. They had been in love for a long time, and announced their relationship almost a year ago. Seeing as they were two of the busiest people in the world, they didn't have much time alone together as a result the two had never been able to have sex before. Both of them could think of nothing but this by now, and Britney knew Justin wanted her, and she wanted him.

Down in the lobby of the large hotel, Justin Timberlake, in a large black trench coat, hat, and sunglasses, was able to sneak in. He showed his identity to the man behind the desk. "Can I get Britney's room number?" He asked. "Why of course Mr. Timberlake." The man replied, as he told him the number and Justin head over to the elevator. In a daze he hit the button to get to the right floor, all the while thinking of what it would be like to stick his rod into Hot Miss. Spear's dripping pussy. He made sure no one noticed who he was as he came to her door and knocked three times.

In the room Britney jumped at the sound of the door, and rushed over to open the door, Justin rushed in, his hormones raging already, and as he pushed the door closed behind him he latched onto Britney and tackled her to the bed. His lips came to hers, and she opened her mouth, inviting the tongue that he inserted into her mouth. She then returned the favor and their tongues explored each other's hot mouths. Both Teen Pop Stars let their hands roam each other's bodies as their lips locked in the long wet embrace. Justin pushed free, to some protest from Miss Spears. His body was pressed against her; he pushed off his glasses, hat, and coat. And their eyes locked.

"I want tonight to be the night Brit." He explained. Britney's eye's widened, as she smiled, and answered in a seductive Voice. "So do I, Mr. Timberlake." These words made Justin's already hardening cock get even stiffer in his baggy jeans, aching to be released from his tight boxer briefs. Britney felt his rod pushing through his clothing onto her crotch area, which was covered by the tight leather pants she was wearing. Their lips passionately locked again and Justin let his hands cup around her perfect C-cup breasts through her tight shirt. To his surprise he could feel that she was not wearing a bra. They continued to swap spit as Justin let his wondering hand explore further down and then back up, under her shirt. His hand met paradise as he now cupped her naked breasts from under her shirt. Britney's lips unlocked with Justin's temporarily to let out a soft moan. Then they continued to make out, as Justin squeezed and teased her now erect nipples.

As this continued Britney's hands that were on Justin's back slowly began to traverse down the small of his back, where they then came to the top of his rim of his jeans. She quickly slipped her hand under his jeans and jockey shorts, where she began rubbing her boyfriends perfect firm hairless ass cheeks. As they continued to massage and rub each other's ass and chests Justin could feel his cock getting unbearably hard and Britney felt the wetness that began to soak her white silk panties.

They finally released from their passionate kiss and, staying atop the sexy pop star, Justin came to a straddling position on the bed over Miss Spear's small waist. Justin then slipped his hands out from under Britney's shirt, so that he could slip off his baby blue T-shirt and white tank top under shirt, exposing his nice hairless hard chest, his pecks were surprisingly nice, and he showed a beautiful six pack. Britney grinned sexily and reached up to rub her hands over his hard body. Timberlake felt himself get more horny then he'd ever been before as he watched the sexy pop princess play with his chest and smile wickedly.

Justin made her roaming hands stop temporarily so that he could pull off her tight shirt, finally releasing her perfect tits, as they bounced about, Justin began rubbing them hard, to some pleasure filled moans from Britney. They rubbed each other's nicely toned upper-bodies for a few moments, until Britney stopped and quickly moved her hands to unbutton Justin's jeans.

"Are you sure that you are ready Britney?" He asked, hoping to the heavens above that she said yes. "More then I've ever been, I want you to fuck me Justin!" She screamed back, ripping at his pants to try to pull them off. Justin un-straddled her for a moment so she could slip off his pants and boxers, letting his hard 7 ½ inch cock bounce free as he mounted her on the bed again. Britney's smile widened as she saw the size of her boyfriend's erect soldier. Her eyes traveled down farther where she could see his large hanging balls and the thatch of dark blond hair at the base of his dick.

Without a word Britney Spears pulled herself off of Justin and sat him at the edge of the bed, where she could kneel down onto the floor in front of him, and kiss the purple head of his engorged penis. She began licking the head as Justin gasped and moaned lightly. Then she began to lick the shaft of the '7 and a half incher' as Justin reached down to play with her perky nipples. "Ahhhhh, come on Britney, take my whole fucking cock in your hot mouth!" Justin demanded in the midst of his pleasure. Britney was happy to oblige and opened wide to take his entire stiff dick into her mouth. Mr. Timberlake's hands left Britney's wonderful breasts to take position on her head so he could guide her down onto his prick.

Britney began moving her head up and down as she licked his cock, sucking like a pro! Justin began pushing her head all the way down around his long cock, making it touch the back of her throat! But Britney didn't mind and was beginning to pick up her pace, as Justin talked dirty to her.

"That's right you slut! Suck it!!! Suck my big dick!" This made Britney even hotter, and she began moving even faster! For fear their first night of fucking would be ruined by cuming too quick Justin pulled free as he felt his seed ready to rise.

"Was I doing it wrong?" Britney asked looking hurt. "No, that's the point, I would have blew my load in your mouth! I want to fuck your cut first Brit." Justin explained, which was all the coaching she needed for her to stand up, and slip off her pants and underwear, Justin watched in awe as he saw a totally nude Britney Spears standing before him, her cunt perfectly shaved and already visibly wet. He took in her smell, and it made him act on instinct. He reached up and swung her down onto the bed, he then took the position that Britney was just in, as she laid back on the edge of the bed. Justin couldn't help it anymore and he sunk his mouth down into her thatch of hair, licking and sucking on her starlet cunt.

"YES!!!! Oooooh!" Britney moaned as her eyes closed and her hot N Sync boyfriend eat her out to perfection. Justin began moving his tongue faster and faster over Britney's cunt and over her clit, driving her strait over the edge and into a long orgasm! Justin felt his mouth being flushed in her pussy juices as she convulsed and shrieked in pure pleasure. When the orgasm had subsided she flipped over on the bed, sticking her ass strait in the air as Justin jacked off his own hard penis, which was dripping with Britney's spit and his pre-cum.

"Stick that big boy right in my pussy Justin!" She commanded! And Justin leaped at her on the bed, positioning himself behind her, Doggy style! Both of their organs exploded in sexual heat as he brought the head of his cock to her pussy lips! She eagerly spread her legs to let his hot member slip right into her dripping wet vagina. "Your so hot and wet Miss Spears" Justin proclaimed as he felt her pussy lips clamp around his dick. "FUCK ME NOW!" Britney screamed, driving Justin forward as he began pumping her pussy as fast as he could! They both could not hold back their giant screams of pleasure any longer as the entire bed rocked! Justin's pace quickened to a blurring speed and Britney was now bucking her hips in motion with Justin's fucking. The two teen pop icons were having the ride of their lives as they fucked wildly on Britney's bed.

Britney's cunt dripped its sweet juices down onto the bed as Justin's balls slapped hard off her has ass as he took it to her doggy style! Justin Timberlake felt his cock begin to convulse and grow even harder as his balls tightened and his seed rose. Britney was already moaning and bucking her body back and forth in the midst of her second orgasm as Justin shouted "FUCK!! OHHH FUCK IM CUMMING!"

"ME TOO!" Britney shouted as her orgasm continued and Justin felt his whole body explode as he hot sperm shot jet streams strait into the depths of Miss. Spear's hot cunt. Justin continued to scream and shake in ecstasy for a few moments until both their eruptions subsided and they collapsed in a heap on the bed and fell into a deep sticky sleep, Justin's now shrinking cock still inserted in his hot Starlet girlfriends lovely delicious vagina.

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College girl, babysister


I recently started baby-sitting in order to help pay for my college expenses and I must say the experience was more than a little exciting. While I was in high school I babysat but I never had any sexual experiences with any of the families I sat for, but now about every third client I have seems to want to bed me and more than a few are single women who want to have a safe no strings attached tryst with another woman.
Before I get too far ahead of myself I should tell you about how it all started. Being in college was putting a real strain on my finances and I determined I would have to supplement the money I got in grants and aid in order to make end meet when my roommate suggested I fall back on the old baby-sitting standby. While I was not crazy about this idea I figured what the hell at least its money in my hand so I wrote out an add and went to the local supermarkets and posted it on their bulletin boards. Well the response was overwhelming and I soon had more than enough work to keep me busy. One couple with 2 kids I’ll call them Ken and Lisa were very nice although a little nonconformist. The first time I worked for them they went out and Ken returned home not with Lisa but with another woman. I asked no questions but by the way they were all over each other I figured that Ken and Lisa must be into the swinging life. Their kids were pleasant enough and the money was good so I continued to sit for them on a regular basis.
One day I got a call from Lisa early in the morning asking if I could come over about ten o’clock and stay with the children until 4:00 as she had to go out that day. As I had only one class that day I agreed to sit for her. When I arrived Lisa was still in the shower so I went around back by the pool and let myself in. I checked on the kids and found them watching TV in the rec room then set out to find Lisa and check in. I walked into Lisa’s bedroom and found her standing there stark naked. I excused myself and started to leave but Lisa called me back saying that it was ok and that she wasn’t a prude about nudity. I watched as she got ready to go out and as I did I felt my pussy getting wet and my nipples started to harden. Since I was dressed only in my cutoffs and a T-shirt my excitement was obvious to Lisa and she watched me closely as she began to get ready. Lisa is an beautiful red head and she stands about 5′ 10″ with firm creamy tits a hard taught belly and nice pink nipples which stand out proudly when excited. Lisa’s legs are long and firm and her pussy was partly shaved exposing her full pink pussy lips. I could tell Lisa was getting turned on by the situation as her nipples were fully erect and a light flush had appeared on her upper chest.
Lisa moved to her dresser and took some body lotion and began to rub some of the fragrant lotion into her full firm tits rolling her erect nipples in the process. Lisa finished up by rubbing the excess into her exposed cunt lips and in the process exposing her hard long clit. All the while Lisa was getting ready she kept up a steady stream of conversation which I barley heard as my eyes and thoughts were glued on her fantastic body. Lisa went to her dressing table and got out a black garter belt and shear stockings and slowly put them on. She still wore no panties or bra. She then put on a shear blouse which barely covered her ample tits and slipped on a skirt commenting that she hated wearing underwear and found going without it was much more comfortable and a bit naughty. Lisa asked me if I was wearing any and I replied only my panties to which she suggested I go without them in the future and give myself a thrill.
Lisa came over and gave me a parting hug which was more than friendly and said she would be back by 4:00 and to make myself at home as her husband Ken wouldn’t be back until very late that evening. The rest of the day went slowly and I continued to have fantasies about Lisa seeing her beautiful body in my mind as my imagination slipped from one forbidden fantasy to the next. Lisa’s kids were good and the time passed quickly with my mind filled with potential lust filled adventures. Its funny I never really got turned on by women as a rule but there have been a couple of times in my life when I spent some idle hours in between the sheets and thighs of one of my female friends mostly out of lack of any nice guys, but my desire for Lisa was something else again.
As per Lisa’s schedule I put the kids down for their nap at 1:00 right after their lunch. Having some free time and feeling very stimulated from all the fantasies that were running through my head I decided to go out and sit by the pool and relax in the sun. Knowing there was no one around and having noticed that the back yard area was ringed by high walls I decided to take off my panties and see if Lisa was right. As I removed my cutoffs I knew I was very stimulated as the entire crotch of my skimpy white panties was soaked with my pussy juices. I pulled off my panties and stood there in front of Lisa’s bedroom mirror as I slowly rubbed my slick pussy and pressed my hard clit between my wet labia. It felt great but I was getting carried away so I put my shorts back on and went out to the pool area and layed down on one of the lounge chairs soaking in the warm sun.
I was feeling very sexy and spread my legs as if to allow some unseen admirer to peak up the leg of my cutoffs and watch my cunt. In my minds eye my admirer was Lisa and I could see her licking her lips with anticipation. Lost in my daydream I started to squeeze my tits and pull my now erect nipples making me very hot. I pulled up my T-shirt and really gave my tities a workout as my hand went between my legs and stroked my pussy. Soon I was having my first orgasm my fingers pumped fully up my soaking twat as I viciously frigged my clit with my thumb and worked my now swollen tits with my other hand. As I descended from the heights of my climax I sensed that I was not alone and opened my eyes to see Lisa sitting opposite me watching my self fulfillment with obvious lust. I was shocked at first and covered up and told her I was sorry but the sun had relaxed and excited me and well I just lost control. Lisa told me not to worry about it that she often came out here to sun and it many times had the same affect on her. Lisa asked me if her suggestion that I not wear panties had helped get me worked up and I told her it had and that I had taken them off just before coming out to relax. Lisa told me her business in town had concluded early and she decided to return home and relax with a swim. I told Lisa that sounded great an I envied her. Lisa came back by asking me if I wanted to join her in the pool and spend the afternoon with her. I somehow knew there was more in her invitation than was spoken and told her I would like to but I had no suit and no change of cloths. Lisa stood up and removed the robe she was wearing and told me I really didn’t need one showing me her firm naked body and telling me to swim like she did, naked. I a flicker of uncertainty flew through my head but was soon replaced with desire and I thanked her and told her I would enjoy that very much. Lisa told me to take off my cloths and meet her in the pool. I watched as she dove into the pool and surfaced calling me to join her. I pulled off my T-shirt exposing my firm full breasts to Lisa’s view, my nipples were fully erect and I knew from Lisa’s expression she was appreciating the show. Next I pulled my shorts down and since I had taken off my panties earlier I was completely naked. I couldn’t hide my lust for this woman and I briefly rubbed my mound slipping my finger over my clit. Moving to the edge of the pool I prepared to dive in letting Lisa have a long look at my full tits and firm hard body hoping I was having the same effect on her as she was having on me.
I dove in and swam around a bit the water was really refreshing and Lisa and I exchanged some girl talk as we discussed the problems in each of our day to day lives. Pretty soon we were into some intimate conversation concerning our sex lives and I learned that Lisa and her husband Ken were as I suspected into swinging and enjoyed sharing each other with their friends. This talk was getting me hot and as Lisa and I sat on the edge of the pool I could feel the heat and wetness build up in my pussy. When Lisa put her arm around my shoulders I thought I would melt and I leaned into her and kissed her full warm lips. Lisa was a expert seductress she softly caressed my shoulders with her hand as she cupped my breast and fondled me to a frenzy. Out tongues explored each others mouths as I reached for and found her full firm tits cupping them and fondling her in return. Lisa layed me back and began to rub my hard flat belly as she stroked the insides of my thighs with her other hand, moving ever closer to my now sopping pussy. I could feel her light touch on my cunt lips as her fingers gently massaged my outer lips pushing them back to expose my now throbbing erect clit. I drew in my breath as Lisa descended on my cunt spreading my legs and opening my pussy as she slowly ran her tongue over my open lips and then found my hard button. Her licking soon turned to sucking and I felt her push two of her long fingers into my pulsing cunt as she sucked my clit until I climaxed. As I was coming down from my orgasm Lisa crawled up on me and licked my nipples and then kissed me again letting me taste my pussy juices which covered her mouth and lips with a fine sheen. I wanted to pleasure her so I told her to lay back and let me return the favor. I pushed Lisa on her back and reached between her legs spreading them and giving me access to her slippery shaved cunt lips. Pressing my fingers deeply into her hot slippery pussy I began to rub her clit with my thumb as I sucked her tits and bit her nipples. This had Lisa moaning in no time and I could feel the walls of her vagina pulse with each thrust of my probing fingers. I moved slowly down Lisa’s hard taught belly until my mouth was positioned right in front of her sopping pussy lips. Lisa could hardly contain her passion and quickly placed her hand at the back of my head urging me to suck and lick her slick cunt. I reached out my long tongue and licked her shaved pink lips separating them from around her already stiff distended clit and began to flick her hard button with long tantalizing strokes. As I licked I continued to play with her tits and rolled her right nipple between my thumb and forefinger as I pushed and probed her hot twat with my invading fingers. About two minutes of this had Lisa quaking with orgasm and I licked up the overflow of her sweet juices like a bee in a flower as she poured out her passion. As Lisa was recovering I moved back up to her face and kissed her deeply probing her mouth with my tongue and letting her taste her own juices.
After Lisa had regained some of her composure she suggested we go into the house and see if the children were still sleeping and then continue our lovemaking in her bedroom. I could hardly wait to get into her arms again and told her that while I infrequently had quick one time experiences with other women during my life none of my previous lady lovers had made me feel as good as she did. We walked back into the house hand in hand and I began to feel very close to her.
After checking on the children Lisa and I went to her bedroom and after a bit of mutual caressing and fondling Lisa asked me if she could shave my pussy so that I could get the full benefit of her mouth and tongue work while we made love. At this point I could refuse her nothing and readily agreed. Lisa took me into the master bathroom and had me sit on the edge of the vanity while she prepared to shave my pussy. I told her I wanted mine to look like hers with a smallish tuft of hair left on my mound and my cunt lips fully shaved and exposed to view. Lisa relished her work and quickly shaved me cleaning off my sensitive lips and then turning me over and shaving a few stray hairs from around my anus. I was pleased with her work and told her it felt like I had a whole new cunt to experience her love with. Lisa answered by slowly pressing her index finger up my virgin anus and telling me that my pussy wasn’t the only place to feel pleasure and as she deftly worked her finger up my ass I knew I was about to broaden my sexual awareness quotient by at least 100 per cent. I suggested we shower and then I would like to eat her pussy again, an idea that made Lisa very happy and we proceeded to shower together making sure to rub all the sensitive parts of each other. I even managed to fish her anus with my finger as I washed her ass and fondled her firm ass cheeks. Lisa’s touch on my now shaved pussy made me quiver with delight as each touch felt like a thousand feathers caressing my naked cunt.
We returned to the bedroom and Lisa asked me to get on the bed which I gladly did as she went to her dresser and opened the drawer and began to take out her toys as she called them. Now I have a little plastic friend at home in my dorm room which I use regularly to relieve my sexual tension but compared to what Lisa had in her drawer my vibrator and I were clearly novices. Lisa pulled out a 18 inch double dildo which she said we’d share later and then two different vibrators one about 8 inches in size and quite thin and another about a foot long that was jet black, I guessed this one was to simulate a big black penis. Lisa also removed a good sized dildo attached to some straps and I knew from watching some porno tapes with my boyfriend that I would be feeling this monster in my pussy soon. Lisa brought her collection over to the bed and asked me to get up on my hands and knees facing her. She then slid beneath me and after sucking my full swinging tits and chewing on my sensitive nipples she wormed her way back until he mouth was directly under my cunt. I was looking directly in her sweet cunny and I could tell from the wet river pouring out of her pussy that she was very turned on. I kissed her sweet pussy and pushed my tongue into her wet hole as she pulled my pussy to her mouth and began to tongue fish my newly shorn cunt. I spread her swollen pink lips and inserted two fingers up her hot wet channel making her moan audibly in the process. I switched my tongue to her clit and licked her erect love bud with long slow strokes as I probed her hot wet hole with deep hard strokes. Lisa pulled my cunt lips back and reached around my hip grabbing my ass cheek and spreading the crack of my ass. Just as I wondered what she was going to do I felt her hot wet tongue enter the puckered ring of my asshole and I started to shake with excitement. Lisa slowly tongue fished my anus until I climaxed while she continued to finger fish my cunt and frigged my hard clit with her thumb. I was devastated by the intensity of my climax and determined to brig Lisa off the same way. Pulling her legs back under my arms I exposed her pink puckered asshole and immediately began to run my tongue over her pulsing asshole. I could tell Lisa needed more and I pushed three fingers up her sopping cunt and started to rub her clit in time to my pumping fingers. Lisa was moaning loudly by now and I pushed at her tight anal ring with my tongue until it opened up a bit allowing me to penetrate her tight asshole. I continued my assault on her anus cunt and clit until I felt her climax peak and begin to subside. I had never experienced a woman so fully as I had Lisa just then and could not get over the intensity of our pleasure. After a bit I climbed off Lisa and snuggled up next to her kissing her and fondling her cunt ass and tits.
Just as we were returning to earth from our out of this world experience I heard the children begin to make noise. I told Lisa to rest and I would take care of them and get them down stairs and settled in front of the TV. As I left Lisa call to me to hurry and she would have a surprise for me when I returned. I left thinking of how much pleasure we had enjoyed and thought it would be hard to top our previous lovemaking. I returned after settling the kids to find Lisa kneeling on the bed with the strap on dildo on and pumping the big black vibrator in to her sweet pink pussy. I watched as Lisa rammed the vibrator up her cunt and stroked the long strap on dildo at the same time. Lisa called me to the bed and I dropped the robe I had put on to the floor and presented her with my cunt and ass doggy style. Lisa bent down and began to lick and suck my pussy as she continued to ream herself with the vibrator until she had me on the verge of orgasm. She then move in on my cunt with that long stiff artificial cock and slowly pressed its length into my waiting pussy I thought that plastic shaft would never end as it stretched my cunt to the limit making me go crazy with pleasure. Lisa obviously an old hand at this had no trouble fishing me with her artificial cock while she continued to do herself with the dildo and I imagined seeing that fat black shaft being repeatedly rammed into her pink shave pussy as she probed my own stretched hole with her plastic penis. In no time she had me moaning in orgasm and I fell forward and watched as she stroked her fake prick and rammed her cunt with the black vibrator until she too collapsed in orgasm. Seeing her their defenseless the black shaft still protruding from her pink swollen cunt lips I moved in between her legs and pulled off the strap on dildo and slowly stroked the vibrator in and out of her steamy cunt as I licked her clit. This aroused Lisa once more and I pushed my finger deep into her anus as she squirmed in pleasure. Lisa climaxed again as I licked and sucked her sweet clit and pounded both her holes with a quick hard rhythm.
Lisa quickly regained her strength quickly and crawled up between my thighs and began to lick my clit while she probed my hot cunt with her big black vibrator and finger fished my asshole. I was so worked up I climaxed quickly thrusting my slippery lips into Lisa’s mouth as she impaled my pussy on that demon vibrator of hers. As I was lying there panting from my last orgasm the big black vibrator still humming in my fish happy twat Lisa got her other vibrator and wet it by forcing the entire shaft up her juicy pussy. Rolling me on my side Lisa spread my ass cheeks and slowly worked the vibrator into my anus. Since my ass was still a bit virginal Lisa slowly worked in that throbbing monster until I was able to take the entire length up my throbbing anus. I had never felt so full before and I climaxed over and over as Lisa worked her toys in and out of my cunt and asshole while she sucked my tits and bit on my nipples.
As both of us were just a bit fished out Lisa suggested we check on the kids and then take a nap before dinner which sounded good to me so I went down and made sure the children were ok then joined Lisa for a shower and we crawled onto her bed and fell asleep in each others arms. I woke before Lisa and after checking on the kids again went back to her bedroom and woke her up by licking her cunt and asshole until she was well stimulated. Teasing her I suggested we make dinner and get the kids to bed early so that we could have some more time to ourselves. Lisa thought that it was a good idea and we proceeded to dress and get dinner ready. After the kids went to bed Lisa asked me if I would like to see some porno movies she and Ken had. My pussy was wet and I was ready for anything so I told her yes and Lisa went to the VCR and popped in a tape, as the movie started I realized that this was not a commercial tape but rather a home grown video that someone had made. As the movie started there were a bunch of people at what appeared to be a party they were all milling around and engaged in conversation. Then the camera focused in on one woman and it was Lisa she was standing talking to this man and woman and was rubbing this guys cock as she talked. The woman was just watching and listening like there was nothing unusual about Lisa’s behavior. Lisa then unzipped his fly and pulled out his long cock and began to stroke it. The woman now reached over and began to squeeze and fondle Lisa’s tits as Lisa brought the guy’s cock to full erection. Once Lisa had the guy fully erect she handed the woman her drink and got on her knees taking the guys cock in her mouth. This guys cock must have been at least 10 inches long and as fat around as I have ever seen. After a few good licks Lisa had his cock fully in her mouth and throat with his balls were resting on her chin. The other woman just watched until she too decided to get into the action. She unzipped her dress and took it off revealing her big firm tits and large stiff nipples and she was wearing only a garter belt and nylons so her cunt and ass were fully exposed. She reached down and helped Lisa get undressed until Lisa had nothing on at all. By this time I was already rubbing my tits and twisting my erect nipples in anticipation of what was going to follow. Lisa suggested we strip each other as we watched and really get into the film and each other. I was way ahead of her and had her blouse off before she finished her sentence. I removed her skirt and spread her legs giving her pussy a quick lick and a kiss to show Lisa how turned on I was. Lisa stripped me as I watched the unfolding story on the screen. By now the Guy was naked and lying down with Lisa continuing to deep throat his massive cock as she finger fished his asshole with hard pounding strokes. The other woman had put on what I recognized as Lisa’s strap on dildo and was licking Lisa’s cunt and fingering her asshole in preparation to mounting her and fishing her with the plastic cock. Suddenly the Guy pulled his cock out of Lisa’s mouth and the other woman layed down on her back with that plastic shaft standing in the air. The guy moved Lisa over the other woman and helped Lisa mount the plastic shaft forcing it deep into Lisa’s cunt while licking her asshole and finger fishing the other woman. Lisa began to pound her pussy up and down on that fat plastic shaft as she kissed and licked the other woman’s heaving tits. The guy spread Lisa’s ass cheeks exposing her pink rimmed anus to the camera then move in and rubbed his cock into the crack of her ass and pressed it into her puckered anus. Slowly he forced his massive penis up Lisa’s asshole until all that was left outside was about a inch. Lisa in the meantime had continued pumping her pussy with the artificial cock as the other woman licked and sucked Lisa’s tits and nipples. I watched transfixed as the guy began to stroke his big pecker in and out of Lisa’s stretched anus with long hard strokes making her ass cheeks jump with each impact and shaking her full hanging breasts wildly. This scene continued until the guy climaxed in Lisa’s asshole and Lisa climaxed on the fake cock. As the camera panned back I could see naked men an women all around the room fishing and sucking in ever imaginable way. Lisa was sitting behind me now stroking and fondling my cunt and tits as the short film ended.
As I came to my senses I turned to kiss Lisa and found her full lips ready and I kissed her warm mouth and probed her mouth with my tongue. Lisa and I watched some more films staring her and her husband Ken while we played with each other making each other climax multiple times. I must say I was impressed with Ken too. On film he looked great having a long fat cock which Lisa says is over 10 inches long and more than 6 inches in circumference. Watching his cock stoke in and out of Lisa’s cunt asshole and mouth as well as a large assortment of other ladies in the film made me crave a big hot cock in my pussy. In one of the scenes where he shot his load up this hot blonds pussy Lisa went down on her and licked his sperm from her freshly fished twat and I could almost taste the sweet sticky cum in my mouth as I watched. When the tape ran out I asked Lisa if she and Ken had a good sex life and did they both really enjoy swinging as much as they seemed to on tape. Lisa told me that she and Ken had been married for 12 years and had met at a swing party and both loved the freedom to bring other people into their sex life. Lisa then asked if I would like to stay over and meet Ken and spend the night with them. I was hoping she would suggest this and told her so, I told her that I would like to put on that plastic cock and fish her cunt and asshole right now if we had the time. Lisa’s eyes sparkled at my suggestion and she took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom
When we reached the bedroom Lisa moved me to the bed and helped me put on the big plastic cock. As I started to get it on I saw why Lisa liked it so much, on the back it had a small version of a cock which stuck out and when properly worn pressed directly against my clit driving me crazy as I stroked the long shaft mimicking a man getting ready for sex. Lisa bent down and forced the fake cock down her throat as she squeezed my tits with one hand and rubbed and fingered my pussy and asshole with the other. Soon both She and I were ready for more and I told her to get down doggy style so I could fish her. Lisa swung around and presented me with her firm ass reaching back and spreading her cunt lips until her wet pink inner hole was exposed. I grabbed the big black dildo and began to probe Lisa’s open cunny with it as I licked her anus and frigged her clit Lisa came quickly from my triple assault and I moved in to fish her. Pulling her wet pussy lips back I forced the fat plastic shaft deep into her hot wet vagina pumping its full length into her tight hole and started to ream her cunt with long hard strokes. Lisa began to moan and call out my name as I pounded her pussy with all my strength. Remembering the tape I grabbed the big black vibrator switched it on and wet it with my mouth, I could still taste Lisa’s juices on the plastic as I licked it. I spread her firm ass cheeks opening her pulsing asshole, I slowly stretched her anus further and pushed the fat black tool into her rectum until only the last inch or so was still visible. Lisa was now moaning incoherently and I continued my deep pussy probing strokes as I pushed pulled and twisted the vibrator in and out of her asshole. Lisa was crying out my name now and having one climax after another. Shortly the little penis in the back of the strap on dildo did its work and I too began to climax after which I fell onto Lisa pinning her beneath me with the vibrator still humming in her asshole.
I must have passed out because when I opened my eyes I saw Lisa’s head between my legs and felt her tongue going like crazy in and out of my pussy. Looking up I saw Ken standing there watching his wife eat my pussy while he fingered her hot cunt and ass. Ken was still fully clothed but had a massive erection which pushed the front of his pants out like a flag. I smiled at Ken and reached down placing my hand on Lisa’s head and pushing her face harder against my wet pussy. Lisa sensing I had come around lifted her head and looked back at her husband Ken and said I knew I could bring her around honey. Ken smiled broadly and asked me if I would like to join him and Lisa in bed that night. I told Ken I was looking forward to it ever since I saw the tapes earlier that evening. Lisa and Ken helped me sit up and I grabbed Ken’s big cock thru his pants and began to massage his balls. I wanted that big dick in me so bad I could taste it and told him so. Ken suggested that Lisa and I strip him and get him ready I began by unzipping his pants and pulling out his beautiful prick. I could tell Ken was already excited as his dick was oozing pre-cum and I immediately licked the head swallowing his sweet tasting cum. I opened my mouth and took as much of his big dick into my throat as I could and started to suck and chew it gently as I watched Lisa undo his belt and pull off his pants. Never allowing his massive organ to leave my mouth I managed to cup his balls and slip my finger up his asshole while Lisa stripped off the rest of his cloths. Ken was getting very excited and Lisa joined in by spreading his ass cheeks and pulling my finger from his asshole she began to tongue fish Ken’s anus. Not being quite super human Ken began to climax filling my mouth and throat with his sweet sticky sperm until his cum dripped out of my mouth and onto my tits where Lisa saw it and came to my assistance licking up the overflow of her husbands passion. I felt like I had swallowed a gallon of sperm and couldn’t wait to have Ken to unleash more of his sticky cum in my cunt.
Ken laid down on the bed and Lisa said she wanted to suck his cock until it was hard enough for me to enjoy so she took up a 69 position over Ken forcing her sopping pussy into his mouth as she deep throated his cock. I watched as Lisa worked his semi hard prick in and out of her throat in order to restore his erection and deeply probed his anus with her fingers making Ken moan with pleasure. I saw a chance to pleasure Lisa and joined Ken licking and fingering her anus as Ken licked her clit and finger fished her hot cunt. Soon I could see Ken’s thick shaft rising from his belly and begged for it like a child who has seen a new toy. Lisa relinquished her prize and helped me to mount Ken’s hot throbbing prick. Ken had a massive hard-on and his cock stretched my pussy to the limit as I settled down inching his stiff penis into my slippery twat. Once I had Ken’s full length in my hot hole I began to plunge it in and out of my clutching pussy. Lisa straddled her husbands head and forced her cunt down on his talented mouth urging him to fish her sweet cunt with his tongue and ream her anus with his fingers. As Ken went to work on Lisa she bend down and began to lick my clit as her husbands cock pounded in and out of my well stretched pussy just below her tongue. The combined stimulation of Ken’s thick hard cock and Lisa’s talented tongue on my clit made me climax over and over washing me with pleasure. Finally I felt Ken starting to thrust his hips to meet my downward strokes and I could tell he was about to shoot another creamy load. I forced myself down hard and milked his cock with my strong pussy muscles until I felt his hot sperm gush into my quivering cunny. Ken kept shooting for what seemed like forever filling my tightly packed pussy and overflowing all over my cunt lips and his balls. Lisa quick to notice the overflow licked it all up and shared it with me in a deep soul kiss.
Ken after Ken was done spurting his seed into my tight hot pussy I climbed off and noticed Ken’s erection had not diminished at all. Lisa told me now Ken can go on almost all night and she quickly mounted his hard cock ramming it up her pussy and telling me to take her place on his face. I gladly climbed on Ken and forced my cum filled cunny into his face riding his mouth and tongue until I had climaxed twice more and he had filled Lisa’s pussy with yet another river of cum.
We fished Ken long into the night and I got double fished by Ken and Lisa with Lisa pounding the strap on dildo up my pussy while Ken rammed his hot cock deep into my anus. After a couple of orgasms I asked Ken and Lisa to switch places and had Lisa and her artificial phallus up my rear while I probed my pussy on Kens thick hard shaft. We fished until we were all just too sore to continue and they invited me to sit for the kids next time the had a swing party at their house I accepted and let me tell you I never thought I could experience so much pleasure but I’ll save that for another story.

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Lovely Aunt


After my parents got divorced, I lived with Mom. She had a good job and apparently was well paid because we never seemed to lack for any necessities. She got a recent promotion, though, and now she has to travel quite a bit. Although she seems to really like her job, having to leave me alone bothers her a whole lot. I'll have to hand it to Mom-- she's very conscientious and seems to worry considerably about being a good parent. More than anything else, she worries that I won't get proper care during those times she has to be out of town. That I'm fifteen years old and consider myself a person well able to take care of himself doesn't make any impression on her at all. No matter how much I plead and argue my maturity, she simply will not agree to leaving me alone by myself overnight. When those occasions arise that she has to be gone, she arranges for me to stay with Aunt Sue and Grandpa. I stayed there at night couple of times before school was out, but now that summer's here, I stay all day and all night. This time I've been here a couple of days, and will probably stay a few more before Mom gets back.

Aunt Sue is Mom's sister. She is several years younger than Mom, so she can't be too old, but Mom once referred to her as a maiden aunt. When I asked what that meant, Mom said it meant that she had never married, and since she was stuck on the farm taking care of Grandpa, probably never would marry. I said that I thought "maiden" meant "virgin" and Mom said, kind of half-laughing, that with Aunt Sue's limited opportunities it probably did. That puzzled me because I couldn't see where marriage and virginity had anything to do with each other. I sure didn't want to get married, but that didn't keep me from wanting to stop being a virgin. I certainly wasn't a virgin by choice--I just had never had an opportunity to make it with a girl. My virginity was a condition I hoped to change the very first chance I got. When that time might come, I had no idea. I had never even felt up a girl, much less done anything else. Thus far, the closest I had come to a pussy was the Playboy centerfold.

Aunt Sue and Grandpa live on Grandpa's farm just outside of town. It only takes about fifteen minutes to get there, so having to stay at their place isn't that much of a problem. The main difficulty is that they have only two bedrooms and I have to sleep with Aunt Sue in her big double bed. I have my own bedroom at home, and getting used to sleeping with someone else wasn't easy--particularly when that someone else was a pretty girl like Aunt Sue.
Although I complained about having to go to Aunt Sue's, I really didn't mind it that much. Grandpa kept beer in the refrigerator, and sometimes he would let me drink a bottle when he did. Aunt Sue would fuss, but Grandpa would tell her to leave us alone, that we are about "men's business." Of course, that would make me feel ten feet tall. Even though she put on a show, Aunt Sue wasn't really concerned about it and never told Mom.

Despite her mock scolding about my drinking beer, Aunt Sue and I became good friends. She insisted that I call her simply "Sue," that "Aunt Sue" was way too formal. She laughed, her face turning a little red, and said if we were going to sleep in the same bed, we should at least be on a first-name basis.

With respect to sleeping in the same bed, I have to admit that the arrangement was beginning to cause me a problem. The problem is that being in bed with Sue makes me terribly horny. (Not that it takes much, anyway. Being horny is a steady-state condition for me.) I was very much aware that right next to me was a female, a girl who had big breasts and a pussy. Sue usually dressed in bulky loose-fitting clothes --even her night clothes were heavy material--so I could only guess at what those parts of her anatomy might look like. Even so, knowing that all that separated her probably virgin pussy from my definitely virgin cock was just a few inches of bed space made me ultra-sensitive to our sleeping arrange- ments. I went to sleep many a night with a hard-on and had erotic dreams about girls. To make it worse, the girls in my dreams looked like Sue.

Although the extra travel involved with staying at Sue's place during school time was a little inconvenient--she had to take me to school and pick me up--staying there in the summer was a real treat. Even though all of us still referred to it as "the farm," it really wasn't one anymore. Grandpa quit farming years ago, and now it was simply pasture land he leased out for grazing a few head of cattle. Sue had a little vegetable garden, but other than that it was just a lot of open space. For a boy of fifteen, though, it is a wonderland. There are lots of areas that I still haven't explored, and staying there in summer gives me opportunity to just roam around, laze in the shade, and generally goof off.
Sue is a great lover of the outdoors, and sometimes when the weather is especially nice, she goes to extra trouble to carry all the food out to the big picnic table under the oak tree so we can eat in the wide-open. It's always a lot of fun, the three of us laughing and making a festive occasion out it. That is, until Grandpa gets sleepy and decides it's his nap time. He always takes a nap after lunch, and even the fun of eating outdoors doesn't deter him from his daily schedule. He always put in a good two hours of log sawing, and thunder, lightning, or even a earthquake couldn't wake him until he has his nap out. He sleeps just as soundly at night, too. Sue said that on several occasions she had tried to wake him, but it was next to impossible.

One morning when I was in the kitchen with Sue, she asked me if I had ever been down to the creek at the far end of the farm. I had never explored that part of the farm and had no idea there was a creek there. I told that I hadn't but now that I knew it was there I would go explore that part of the farm. She said that she had an even better idea--that the two of us would carry a lunch basket and have a picnic there. She indicated that Grandpa wasn't up to walking that far, but she would feed him his lunch and while he was taking his nap we would go there and have our picnic. That sounded great to me. It combined two of my favorite things--exploring and eating--and I waited impatiently for lunch time to finally get there.

Shortly before noon, Sue called to me and said she was just about ready. I went back into the kitchen and found Sue and Grandpa there. I was more than a little surprised by what else I found--Sue dressed in a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. Seeing her dressed like that, I was mystified about why she hid herself in such full, baggy clothes. She had a super figure: long-legged, slender-waisted and big-boobed. I couldn't keep my eyes off her and my cock twitched in my pants at the sight.

Sue set out lunch for Grandpa and told him to have a nice nap afterward, that she and I were going down to the creek and have a picnic. He didn't pay much attention, just told us "kids" to have a good time. Sue pointed to the picnic basket and said that a big strong guy like me should be the one to carry it.

Since Sue knew the way, she took the lead and I followed. Walking closely behind her, I couldn't help but notice the way her rear end twisted and the cheeks of her ass moved as she walked. Her shorts were really short-shorts, and after she had walked a little way, they worked upward on her ass so that the bottoms of her ass cheeks showed. I could see the edge of her white panties peeking out from under the shorts, and the sight worked on me like waving a red flag excites a bull. I had been excited from seeing some of Sue's hidden charms revealed, but getting a peek of panties made my cock get rock-solid hard and bulge out the front of my pants. I was relieved that I was behind her so that she couldn't see the effect she was having on me.

By the time we finally arrived at our destination, I was in a pretty bad state. First, I was about as horny as I had ever been in my entire life. Having watched Sue's firm ass as it squirmed and twisted for the last twenty minutes had my cock throbbing and aching. My horniness, though, was almost secondary to my frustration. The realization that the ass I had been watching, indeed the whole of Sue's beautiful body, lay beside me each night, so close yet so far away and untouchable, made me gnash my teeth. I couldn't help but groan and give a big sigh of anguish.
The place where Sue had taken us was really nice. The creek had a limestone bed and was surrounded by grass that was almost like a lawn. Big oak trees shaded a lot of the area and made it so quiet and restful that I could easily see why Sue considered it a good place for a picnic. At one time, someone had dammed the creek so as to make a pond, and even though part of the dam had washed away, there was still a nice-sized pool. The water looked cool and clear, ideal for swimming.

Sue spread a tablecloth and laid out the food from the basket. Seeing and smelling the food made me realize how hungry I was, and I dove in with relish. Sue seemed to have a good appetite, too, and between the two of us we quickly disposed of the picnic lunch. Feeling full and relaxed, I stretched out on the grass and gazed up at the sky. Sue laid down beside me, and together we just lay there silent, enjoying the peace and quiet of the warm afternoon. I shifted positions a little, and when I did my hand came into contact with Sue's. She didn't move her's so I left my hand where it was. It may have been just an accidental touch, but it was electrifying to me. Seeing Sue in her scanty clothes had caused me to become infatuated with her woman's mature body, and being able to touch her, even if only with a mere touching of fingers, sent little shivers through me.

After a while I sat up and looked at the water in the pool. "That sure looks like a good place to swim," I said.Sue said, "Yes, it is. When your mother and uncles and I were kids we used swim here real often. I was the littlest of all, so about all I got to do was stick my feet in. We all went skinny-dipping, back then."

"You went swimming naked?" I asked.

"Yeah, we sure did," Sue said with kind of an embarrassed laugh. "None of us owned a bathing suit."

"Was it fun? Swimming, I mean."

"Oh, yes. Course, we didn't keep it up too long. After we got old enough to know what the difference between girls and boys meant we had to stop."

"Do you ever go swimming now?" I asked.

"Well, sometimes I still sneak out here and take a dip."

"You skinny-dip?"

Sue laughed, her face flushing just a little, and said, "Yeah. I still don't own a bathing suit."

"I sure would like for us to go swimming right now," I said.

"Well, I've already told you I don't have a bathing suit and you don't have one, either, so I guess we're just out of luck."

"We could go skinny-dipping, like you say you do."

Sue's face turned red and she said, "Donny, I sure know the difference between girls and boys now, and a good-looking boy like you surely does, so we couldn't do that."
Undaunted and still practically panting to see more of Sue's body, I said, "We could swim in our underwear. That wouldn't show any more than a bathing suit does."

Sue's eyes kind of narrowed and I could tell she was thinking about my suggestion. Finally, she said, "Well, maybe we could. You're right, the way bathing suits are today, our underwear would cover more than they do. Okay, we'll do it. But not a word about it to your mother. She'd skin me alive if she knew we did such a thing."

I took my hand and made like I was zipping my mouth. "Not a word. You have my solemn oath."

Having made up her mind, she was almost like a kid, eager to get on with it. She stood up and pulled the tee-shirt over head and unbuttoned the waist of her shorts. The shorts were tight and she had to wriggle her hips to get them off. Seeing her there in her panties and bra, her hips squirming like that made me forget that I was supposed to be undressing too.

Sue saw me staring and said, "Now cut that out, Donny. I'm already a little embarrassed--don't make it any worse."

I pulled off my shirt and started lowering my pants so that I would be dressed in just my Jockey shorts. I realized then that I had a real problem. My cock was hard and throbbing and my state of arousal would be obvious to Sue. Turning my back, I managed to cram the rod down into the crotch of my shorts so at least I didn't look like I had a tennis ball stuck in my shorts. Some bulge still showed, but maybe Sue would just think I was well developed.Half way presentable, I ran down to the water and waded in. Being in first would give me a change to look at Sue without appearing to be staring. I turned around and watched Sue as she carefully inched her way to the water, wincing a little as the rocks hurt her feet. It was a good thing I had my cock tucked in secure because just watching her coming toward me, white panties and bra on, would have turned the front of my shorts into a tent.

"Come on in, the water's just great," I said. Talking to her required me to face her, and that's exactly what I wanted to do. This was the first time I had ever seen a girl in her underwear, and even though I couldn't see any more than I could have if she had on a bathing suit, just the thought of it's being underwear excited me beyond any point I had been before then.Sue waded out a little way and sat down in the water, sub- merging herself to a level that her breasts were just at the water line. They bobbed up and down, as if they were floating on the surface, and my hands itched to reach out and feel them, to discover for the first time what it felt like to put my hand on a girl's flesh. I knew, though, that doing that would probably make her more than a little angry, and that she would want to get out right then. All I wanted was to stay there with her as long as possible, drinking in the sight of her creamy skin and revelling in the idea that I was so close to an almost-nude girl.
I dog-paddled over to her and sat in the water alongside her. She had a smile on her face and I knew that she was having fun. I said, "I can see why you like this place--it's a super swimming hole. Is it deeper in the middle?"

Sue said, "Yeah, quite a bit. Come on, I'll show you." She paddled out a ways and stood up, the water almost up to her neck. I came out by her and stood, too. We were so close that when she turned toward me her breast brushed my arm, its firm weight pressing against it. She didn't seem to pay any attention, and I was very happy about that.

She said, "It's even deeper than this right out here," and stepped toward the middle of the pond. Suddenly, she went completely under, her head disappearing under the surface. Instinctively, I reached out for her, my arms and hands extended, to pull her back up. I ducked under the water and grabbed her under the armpits and lifted her up. When I did, she fell back against me and my hands slipped around to her front, each handcupping one of her round, firm breasts. I couldn't help myself--I squeezed and kneaded them, gently massaging them through the fabric of her bra.

Sue went stiff in my arms, her body straightening out so that she stood full erect. Her hands came up and covered mine and for just a few moments we remained frozen in that position. She turned around then, dislodging my hands from her breasts, and said, "Wow, I guess I stepped in a hole there. Thanks for being so quick and pulling me up. I'd better get back in the shallow water where I'll be safe."

Sue paddled into shallow water and sat down, her legs apart and extended in front of her. The water came up to only the tops of her thighs and it was so clear and clean that I could see all the way to the bottom. The bottom, though, wasn't what I was looking at. Sue's panties, which had been opaque when dry, were completely transparent now that they were wet. I could clearly see the full extent of her swatch of black pubic hair and even distinguish the top of the cleft that ran down the middle of that dark triangle. My breath caught in my throat and I became dry-mouthed. I had longed to see a girl's pussy, and now I was getting at least a partial look at Sue's.

My cock worked its way out of its tucked position and completely bulged out the front of my shorts.I immediately turned around and went back out to deeper water where I could readjust my cock without Sue being able to tell what I was doing. Once again presentable, I came back to her and sat next to her. I couldn't tear my eyes off of Sue's sexual area. Since she was beside me, she couldn't see how my eyes bored into the space between her thighs. I was so distracted by the sight that I couldn't even carry on a decent conversation, just saying "Uh-huh" and "Yeah" to whatever she said. After a while, she stood up and said that it was getting late and she needed to get home to start supper. Even though I tried to turn my eyes away in time, she caught them zeroing in on her crotch. Looking down at herself, she said,

"Oh, God, just look at me. I thought underwear was safe to wear, but I might have well have gone skinny-dipping. Come on, let's get out of here and get dressed." We got out and put our clothes on over our wet underwear and headed for the farmhouse.

That night after Sue and I were in bed, she said, "Donny, since my wet panties showed so much that I might as well been naked, if we go swimming tomorrow we can skinny-dip if you'd like to. But, again, absolutely no word of it to your mother. Understand?"

I could hardly keep from stammering as I answered, "Yeah, I'd like to go skinny-dipping. And as far telling Mom, I've already made a blood oath with you."

"Just checking to be sure. Good night, Donny."
I was so excited that I wasn't able to go to sleep immediately as I usually did. My cock was hard and throbbing at the thought of being completely naked with Sue, of seeing a real live fully nude girl for the first time. As if that weren't enough, Sue's action at this time made it even more difficult to go to sleep. She rolled over in bed and in the process pressed her hand up against my buttocks. It felt like a hot ember burning a hole in my skin. Sue's breathing was slow and regular, so I figured she was asleep and it was an accident. After a long while, even with the heat of her hand against me and the discomfort of a hard and aching cock, I too fell asleep.

When I waked up the next morning, the front of my shorts were a gooey mess--I had had a wet dream. The sheet had a wet spot, too, and I knew Sue would see the evidence of my reaction to seeing her in her transparent panties. Remember- ing the dream I had, I was not surprised at the mess I had made. Sue and I had just finished swimming, both of us completely nude, and we were on the bank, lying together on a big towel. I had one hand on her breast and the other buried between her thighs, my fingers delving into her pussy. She was busy, too, with a hand clasping my rigidly hard cock and stroking it up and down. In my dream, I shot off into the air and all over her hand. I must have shot off in real life, too, with the come in my shorts and on the bed the result.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up and put on clean shorts. I planned to try to clean the sheet with a wet wash cloth, but I was too late--Sue was already making the bed and had seen the wet blotch. She stroked her fingers across the wet spot and then rubbed them together, feeling the slippery texture of my boy juice. I was standing in the doorway and there wasn't anything I could do to avoid her confronting me about what had happened.

She looked at me and said, "Looks like someone had a naughty accident last night. You must have been dreaming about one of those cute little high school girls."

I was embarrassed and didn't answer.

Sue laughed and said, "Well, she must have been a real knock-out. Who was it, Donny?"

I sure didn't want to admit that it was she I dreamed of-- she'd probably faint from embarrassment. I figured the best thing to do was just not answer. Sue saw that I was going to stay silent and teasingly said,

"What's the matter, cat got your tongue?"

Responding to her teasing persistence, I said, "Okay, if you just have to know, I dreamed about you."

Sue turned just a little red, apparently not as embarrassed as I was. I turned away, determined to go outside so that she wouldn't see me red-faced. As I was leaving, I heard Sue whisper in a way I'm sure she didn't intend for me to hear, "I dreamed about you, too."

I managed to stay away from Sue until noontime when she called me into the house. She didn't seem the least bit perturbed about what happened that morning. She was smiling and seemed happier than I had seen her in a long time. She told me she had packed a picnic lunch and if I wanted to we could go down to the creek and eat it. I told her I would like that very much. I grabbed the picnic basket and we left the house and started for the creek.

About half way to the creek, I asked, "Can we go swimming?"

"If you want to."

"Swim like you said we could?" I asked, almost breathlessly.

"If that's what you would like to do, then that's what we'll do.

DO you want us to go skinny-dipping?"

Hardly believing my good fortune, I almost shouted, "Yeah, I want us to go skinny-dipping."
When we finally got to the creek, Sue spread a table cloth and a blanket. She said that since we were going to go skinny-dipping we may as well take advantage of it and get a little sun tanning at the same time. Just the thought of being on a blanket with Sue and both of us naked brought my cock to half mast. Oh, God, maybe she'll let me touch her a little, I fantasized.Sue started to take the lunch out of the basket and put it on the table cloth, but I told her that maybe we should go swim- ming first. After all, I told her, swimming gives a person an appetite, so it would be better to wait until later to eat. The truth was that I really didn't care when we ate or if we at all. My mind was on Sue taking off her clothes and getting naked and I didn't want anything to delay that. I was getting ready to see my first real pussy and I didn't want to wait one second longer than necessary.

Sue smiled and said, "You're not fooling me, Donny. You're just eager to go skinny-dipping. Isn't that it?"

I tried to act nonchalant about the matter, keeping a straight face, and said, "Well, what I said about eating is true, isn't it?"

Smiling even broader than before, Sue said, "Sure, you're right, all right. Okay, skinny-dipping it is. That means it's down-to-the-buff time. Start shucking, Donny, let's see who can be the first one in the water."

I wasn't in any hurry to undress. What I really wanted was to watch Sue take her clothes off, to see all of her feminine secret areas exposed to my view. She was making a contest of it, though, so my hopes to see her disrobe were frustrated. Well, I could at least get into the water first and get to see her as she came toward me. That way, I would get a good look at Sue's jiggling breasts, but most of all, get my first look at a girl's pussy. I stripped my clothes as fast as I could, almost ripping the buttons off, in order to be first in the water. Before I even had my shoes and socks and shirt off, though, I heard splashing and giggling behind me. Turning around, I saw Sue's back as she waded out into the water, only her naked backside visible to me. Sue quickly waded out into deep water and ducked herself under so that only her head and shoulders showed. Damn! I cursed silently to myself, I missed my chance to see Sue.

Sue wasn't missing a chance to see me, though. As I walked down to the water, my rigid cock bobbed and weaved before me, moving up and down and around in circles with each step. Sue stopped her giggling and watched, her eyes never leaving me as I came forward, my cock like a ship's bowsprit. Finally, the target of her stare went under the water and I waded out beside Sue.

She grinned at me, giggling once more, and said, "I cheated. All I wore was just my dress."

I grinned back at Sue and splashed water into her face, partly playing but also partly to get even with her for cheating me out of a good look at her privates. Instead of my getting to see her, all that happened was for me to give her a good show of my hard cock. I guess I should have been embarrassed about having a hard-on, but Sue's giggling and grin dispelled any of those feelings.Without warning, Sue jumped toward me and pushed my head under water, giving me a thorough ducking. I came up sputtering and lunged for her, determined to get even. She had anticipated my move, though, and had already swum away. I raced after her and grabbed her foot, pulling her under. Still grinning, she made another grab for me, trying again to duck my head under water. I managed to dodge and grapple with her, my arms and hands around her body. As we grappled, she brushed her front against my hard-on, pressing it upright against my stomach. At that same instant, my hand covered one of her breasts, stroking against it and squeezing it.

Sue jumped away, and laughing, said, "Uh-uh, you're breaking the rules. One of the rules of skinny-dipping is no feeling each other up. Everyone can look all they want, but no handling the merchandise."

Her grin was infectious, and grinning just as big as she, I replied, "All right, no more feelies, but you have to quit ducking. Okay?"

Mollified, but still grinning, Sue said, "Okay, but you're taking the fun out of it."

And you're taking the fun out of it for me, too, I thought to myself.

Remembering Sue's words about being able to look all we wanted and the way she gave me the once-over as I waded into the water, I thought that maybe there was still hope to see Sue's naked body in its entirety. Determined not to waste a chance, I waded out of the water, dried off, and sat on the blanket. "Hey, Sue," I shouted, "I'm hungry. Come on out and let's eat."

"Yeah, I'm hungry, too," Sue said, and waded out of the deep water toward me. As she advanced, her breasts emerged, bobbing up and down in the water and then fully exposed, jiggling on their own. Her waist came into view and then her navel. I sat there, holding my breath in anticipation, as Sue's dark pubic triangle came into view. Her thighs followed, and then she was fully out of the water, walking toward me. I couldn't take my eyes off Sue's hairy center. The vertical line of her vaginal cleft was clearly visible as she advanced toward me. The sway of her hips and the easy way her breasts moved up and down with each step made a beautiful backdrop for the main attraction--her fur-covered sexual center. I couldn't have torn my eyes away even upon threat of death. My breath came in little pants as I gazed in wide-eyed rapture upon my first real-live, fully naked woman.

Sue ignored the way I was staring, a slight smile on her face the only evidence that she noticed. She sat down on the blanket and took our sandwiches and cold drinks out of the basket. The table cloth was no longer needed--eating in the raw required something other than the ground to sit on. Once she had completed our culinary arrangements, Sue sat cross- legged and started in on her sandwich. I took a bite of mine but my mouth was so dry that I couldn't even chew--I had to take a drink of Coke to get rid of the cotton. With Sue sitting in that position, her vulva gaped wide open, I had an unobstructed view of the moist, pink flesh inside the cleft that split her thighs and was almost trembling in reaction. It's a good thing we were eating and not trying to talk--I wouldn't have been able to get anything out except stammers and mumbles.
During the silence of our meal, Sue did her own looking. Although she tried to be more circumspect about staring than I, she kept her eyes mainly on my throbbing, rigid cock. She apparently meant it when she said that looking was okay.When we finished eating and Sue had cleaned up the remains of our lunch, she stretched on the blanket. Taking that as invitation, I stretched alongside, our bodies close, but not touching. For a few seconds we just lay there silent, each aware of the sexual electricity our nakedness was producing, but reluctant to speak.

Finally, Sue broke the silence by saying, "You know, the problem you have is why we had to quit skinny-dipping."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, when our older brothers started getting like you are now, mother made us quit swimming together. She said we were getting too old. Course, I was just a little kid then and didn't know what was going on, but your mother explained it to me when I got older." Sue laughed and continued, "I guess it was too late then, though. Your mother and Ned got eyes for each other and ended up making love."

I could hardly believe Sue's words. I turned on my side, facing her and said, "You mean Uncle Ned screwed Mom? He screwed his own sister? You saw it?"

Sue laughed again and said, "No, I was too little then. Even if I had seen them, I wouldn't have known what they were doing. Your mother told me about it later. They were lovers for two years before Ned went off to college. They used to come to this spot right here."

I had never thought of Mom as having a sex life, of being a sexual person. She was just Mom, that's all. Now that I thought about it, I realized that Mom was really very pretty and that as a teenager she must have been a real heart- breaker. I saw in my mind a picture of she and Uncle Ned, just teenagers like myself, coming to that very spot, naked like Sue and I were, and thoroughly loving each other. The thought excited me so much that drops of pre-come oozed out of my hard cock and covered its head with a shiny liquid coating.

"You mustn't ever tell her I told you that. You know that don't you?"

"Yeah. Don't worry, I'll never tell."

For a few moments after that we just lay on the blanket, side by side, enjoying the warm sunshine. Then, in a very quiet voice, Sue said, "Donny, is this the first time you've seen a naked girl?"

Knowing from Sue's seeing my reaction to her nakedness that it would have been fruitless to lie, I said, "Yes. This is my first time."

"I kind of got that impression," she said with a soft laugh. "Well, if it's any consolation to you, you're the first boy I've ever see naked."

"But you must have had lots of dates," I said, mystified.

"Surely on some of them you must have gone far enough to get naked with the guy. Well, living out on the farm like this, I haven't had many dates. And those I've had have been with guys I sure wouldn't want to go very far with."

"I guess that explains why you've looked at me as much as I've looked at you," I said.

Laughing again, Sue said, "Yeah, I guess it does."

The silence we experienced earlier returned. After a few moments, Sue turned on her side and faced me. In the same sort of quiet voice she had used before, Sue said, "Donny, tell me about your dream last night. You know, the one that caused you to have your...ah...accident

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My wife and I had been going thru battles over the last couple of years with lots of arguing and shouting matches. I don't know if it has been a change in her or me, but I wanted to try to work things out and agreed to see an Anger Management counselor. The counselor's name was Jim Brady and worked out of a home office a few miles from where I lived. It turned out that Jim's daughter, Stephanie, had gone to high school with my daughter and was living at home while she attended community college. Apparently, Jim's wife was out of town at a conference.

On my second visit with Jim, we really delved into some of the root cause of the arguing my wife and I had been thru. I admitted that I had started looking at porn sites on the internet and that my wife had found out and was extremely hurt by it. I told Jim that I only started looking at the stuff as an outlet for my frustration with our own sex life that had become almost non-existent in the past two years. I admitted that I really missed having sex on a regular basis and was willing to do anything to get relief.

Jim and I talked for quite a while on how I could overcome these things and reconnect with my wife, but we'd need several more sessions. I made an appointment for later in the week to see him at 4:00 PM.
The day of the appointment came and I got an email at my office from Jim Brady asking if I could come in at 3:00 instead of 4:00 because a conflict. I replied that I could be there and hour earlier.

I arrived at the Brady home and knocked on the side door which was the entrance to his office. I was a bit surprised to see Stephanie open the door to greet me. Not only was it unusual for her to be there, but she was dressed in a skimpy little tank top and very short shorts that made it obvious she had no bra on and that the only thing she could possibly hide under the shorts was a thong!

"Hello Mr. Sanders, come on in!" she said with a smile and closed the door behind me.
"I have an appointment to see your dad at 3:00." I explained as my eyes stole quick glances of her petite breasts and poky little nipples straining from the white tank top.
She closed the blind on the window which I thought was a little odd as she then offered me a seat. I sat down and she plunked down in the over-stuffed sofa next to my chair. She slouched back and allowed her legs to part allowing me to look straight up her crotch and see the sliver of cloth that hardly concealed her pussy lips!

I glanced from her crotch up to her face and saw a wicked little smile come across her lips. Then she said "I overheard you talking with my dad the other day........ about you having to get some relief from looking at porn since your wife wasn't putting out!"
I started to protest "Stephanie, that's private information and you shouldn't have....."
I stopped in mid sentence. Stephanie had sat forward a bit and yanked her top off allowing my unencumbered view of the cutest little "A" cup tits with puffy little nipples I had ever seen.
"You like looking at my tits Mr. Sanders?" she said.
"Stephanie, you shouldn't......... This isn't right....... I mean, what if your dad....." I stammered.
" My dad won't be home til 4:30. You see, he had asked me to contact you and slide your appointment back a half hour, but I decided I wanted to have you for myself for a while, so I sent you the email from his computer!" she said as she quickly slipped her shorts off her legs and showed me her almost non existent thong!
"Why are you doing this to me Stephanie?" I said as I felt my resolve start to buckle and I was suddenly hungry for her young, firm body.
"I wanted to know if I could get you as hot as those porn sites you've been visiting........ Do I?" she said as she opened and closed her thighs over and over and I was dying to see what she had to show me behind that little triangle patch of thong.

Before I could answer, she slid onto her knees and shuffled over to where I was sitting. Her tits jiggled as she did and my eyes were glued on her firm young body. Her hand reached up and fondled my crotch and she soon found out how hot I was for her!
"Mmmmmm, that feels very nice Mr. Sanders....... I'll bet you'd like me to take this out and play with it?!" she said as she immediately went to work on undoing my belt, then unzipping my slacks.

I put up no protest, I just allowed this sexy young thing to open my pants and run her hand over the obvious bulge in my Jockeys. Her fingers ran up and down the length of my shaft and cupped my balls with her other hand.
"Oh my God!"I moaned as Stephanie leaned down close to my bulging member and I felt her warm breath.
"I've got to see this monster!" She said as she hooked her fingers into the waistband of my shorts and started to tug. I lifted my ass off the chair and watched in amazement as she stripped my shorts and slacks down to my ankles and my cock sprang into view right in front of her face.
"All right!" Stephanie cooed as she wrapped one fist around the shaft and brought the cock head to her lips.
"Oh Fuck!" I groaned as her mouth enveloped my cock-head and she began pumping the shaft as her tongue swirled around my helmet head.

Here I was, naked from the waist down in my counselor's office and having his teenage daughter sucking my cock! I quickly thought of what would happen to me if her dad walked in, or if my wife or daughter found out, it could truly destroy my life! Trouble was, having this little goddess sucking my cock that hadn't had a pair of lips around it in years was too good to pass up.

Stephanie was an expert at her job and was taking about 2/3 of the length of my shaft down her throat as she pumped me faster.
"Stephanie, if you don't stop........ I'm going to cum right in your mouth!" I tried to warn.
Her eyes flashed up at mine and she managed a little nod as if to tell me "That's what I want!"
Her other hand squeezed and released my scrotum over and over. I felt my cum boiling to explosive levels. I shouted "Oh god, I'm cumming!"
The first stream went directly down her throat and then she pulled back and allowed the next several cum blasts to shoot over her eye, nose, hair and chin. She continued pumping my shaft with her hand and rubbed the head of my cock all over her cum-stained face.
"That was awesome!" Stephanie said with a sexy little growl. "Now it's my turn!" she said as she stood, slipped off her thong and revealed her bald pussy with the cutest little cuntlips I'd ever seen.
"Come taste me Mr. Sanders!" Stephanie said as she slumped back onto the sofa and spread her legs wide apart!

I'd always liked eating pussy, but it was something my wife felt was dirty and degrading. Now I had the sexiest little cunt slut I'd ever dreamt of spreading her legs wide apart and I eagerly plunged my tongue deep into her waiting quim and began lapping her young cunt like I was a starved man.
Stephanie let out a loud "Oooooooooooo Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" as I hungrily sucked and licked her pussy. Her hips raised up off the sofa to allow me even greater access to pleasure her sex.

I looked up into her face and saw her eyes roll back and it told me she was already having her first climax! The view of her cum splattered face and the look of extreme sexual satisfaction on her face made me that much hotter to fuck this young tramp! I began fingering her pussy with two fingers as my tongue swirled around her clit. Then I would suck her swollen pussy lips hard into my mouth and watch her face contort with new feelings of lust. Her hips started bucking like she was getting an electrical shock and I could feel her cunt muscles spasm around my fingers.

"Oh Fuck!" she gasped as her bucking became stronger and more intense. I reached up with my free hand and began tweaking her puffy little nipples as my other hand continued fingering her wet gash.
"FUCK..FUCK..Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkk!" she hollered as her body was wracked with a powerful orgasm that seemed to go on and on.
I felt proud that I still had what it takes to pleasure a hot young girl I continued my onslaught and even decided to slip one of my slippery fingers into her sphincter as my other two fingers continued into her pussy.

Again she howled "Oh God Fuck me, Fuck Me....... FUCK MEEEEEEE!"
I could feel the tight muscles in her ass constrict around my finger as she rolled her head from side to side and wailed in pleasure! I decided it was time to do just as she asked!
I stood up, ripped off my shirt, kicked off my shoes and pants, then I hoisted her legs up in the air and spread them apart until her cunt lips opened up to show me the wet sex cavern . Her eyes got big as I leaned against the sofa with my knees and put the head of my hard cock against her opening. She obliged me by pulling her labia wide apart as my cock started to slide into her young pussy.

"Oh God Mr. Sanders........... You're soooo big!" she cried out as I rocked deeper and deeper into her cunt.
I was on fire and wanted to show this young sex fiend what an old man old enough to be her father could do to her and for her. It wasn't long before I was fully implanted into her pussy and started bagging into her with deep long strokes. She started to utter little moans every time I'd slam into the depths of her pussy. Her moans got louder and louder as I fucked her for all I was worth. The sounds of her wet pussy being stabbed by my slippery cock were filling the room with luscious sounds of wet sex.

To my surprise, I could already feel my climax building. I wondered if the little slut was on the pill or not. I figured just to be safe, I'd better pull out of her pussy before I came. My strokes were fast and furious as I started to groan myself. I could feel my balls draw up inside and I knew I was ready to cum. Just as I started to pull out, Stephanie wrapped her ankles around my ass and squeezed so tight, I was unable to pull out before my cock exploded with another load..........only this time it was deep into her womb.

I was in shock as my body convulsed and every ounce of my semen was now traveling deep inside my new, young lover. Before I could say anything to her, she grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me down to her. We kissed like maniacs and for the first time in my life, I tasted what my own cum was like that was smeared all over her sexy face. The experience was mind boggling! I lapped up the salty, musky goo as we kissed and continued fucking against each others sex. I guess we continued like that for several more minutes before my cock finally softened and I slipped from her pussy.

I sat back on my knees and looked at Stephanie. Her puffy little nipples stood up like little tents on her chest, her pussy gaped open and a steady trickle of cum seeped from her pussy. The smile on her face was a look of a well fucked woman and the aroma that filed the room was sexy as hell.

Stephanie looked over at the wall at the clock and said "We better clean up before dad finds us here!"
"I imagine if he did find us like this, I'd be dead and you'd be visiting your father in prison!" I joked half heartedly.

She went to the adjoining bathroom and got a warm, wet washcloth and brought it back to clean up my slick cock and balls. I reciprocated and wiped the oozing cum from her cunt as we kissed again. I was still in disbelief that I'd just done what I did! I wondered how I could keep a straight face in front of Jim any more, but knew I had to try.
I put my clothes back on as did Stephanie. We opened the windows in the office and sprayed air freshener all around to mask the juicy sex aroma. We held each other in another embrace and I found myself grinding my boner against Stephanie's hot body.

"You just can't get enough!" she said with a smile and reached down to fondle my hardness thru my clothes.
"You're the hottest woman I've ever fucked!" I said as I kissed her deep once more. I cupped her ass and pulled her tight against my body.
I heard a key enter the door from the outside and Stephanie and I leapt apart just as Jim entered the room.
"Oh hello Mr. Sanders, I wasn't expecting you until 4:30.... Didn't Stephanie let you know?" Jim asked.
"Yes, yes she did, I'm just a bit early and Stephanie was kind enough to let me in and entertain me until you arrived." I said as convincingly as possible.

I wondered if the aroma in the air was still telltale of what had gone on minutes before, but Jim seemed not to notice anything out of the ordinary. Stephanie left the room and Jim and I had another session together. I could hear water running in the house and figured that Stephanie was showering the remnants of our sexcapades together. A few minutes before Jim & I finished, I heard the front door slam and figured Stephanie was going out.
Jim thought I was making good progress and figured a couple more sessions would be necessary to complete my "therapy"!

I left his office and walked to my car. There, stuck in the door handle was a note folded up. I grabbed it and cupped it in my hand as I waived to Jim and got in my car. I opened the note and read "Meet me down at city park, 3 blocks south. S"

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